Episode 181 – News for January 12, 2017

Dustin and Lauren were on Trailer Park Atheist

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Self Supporting Ministries


Kentucky’s legislature has passed two new anti-abortion bills

Elderly Brazilian woman has been praying to Elrond figurine

Cleveland Clinic department wrote an op-ed questioning vaccine safety

Trump asks anti-vax Kennedy to head committee on vaccine safety

Trump’s the new messiah or John the Baptist

Red Meat can lead to Diverticulitis

The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee has been added to the endangered species list

Project Veritas caught in a in a counter sting

New Tidbits… Moby and Charlotte Church both tuld Trump no. Well, Charlotte said “You’re a tyrant” and Moby said “Release your tax returns and I’ll DJ your party.” Boy, you should see his set list! haha


New patron – Cervantes

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