162 News for September 1, 2016

Streamathon – September 24

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Religion and Reproduction

* 1920 – Liz Carpenter was born
* 1938 – Lilly Tomlin was born
* 1958 – Iceland expands its fishing zone, putting it into conflict with the United Kingdom, beginning the Cod Wars

* Pastor who thinks Pulse victims got what they deserved arrested for molestation | Via Raw Story
* Federal judge rejects injunction against California’s new vaccine law | Via Addicting Info
* Pediatricians are beginning to reject patients who reject vaccines
* Catholic Doctor turned away patient with a dislodged IUD
* Georgia parents going to prison for the death of their daughter | Via Friendly Atheist
Christy Perry is being investigated
Top French court suspended burkini ban

* CPAPs may not help with cardiac and cerebrovascular issues
* Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation completed
* Welcome to the Anthropocene
Tasmanian devils are recovering

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