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Episode 50 will be delayed

We’ve scored an interview with one of the top guests we’ve wanted to have on the show and our #1 choice for Episode 50. However due to scheduling issues we’re having to push it back a week. The release date us now scheduled for May 1.

The move is complete

It appears that the name server change has propagated around the internet and that everything is working just as before. If you have any issues with the site, feed, or anything else, please let us know.

Welcome to the new server!

We are very pleased to partner with Archway Hosting and want to thank them for the space for the website. As the name server change continues to propagate across the internet, don’t be surprised if you see the old sever over the course of the next few days, but everything should work just the same …

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Moving Day Scheduled

On Tuesday January 21st I will be moving the website to the new host. If you attempt to visit the site while I’m waiting for my DNS to refresh to the new name server you may see a fresh WordPress install. As soon as I gain access I will turn on Maintenance Mode. With any …

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Live recording of the first part of Episode 27

We’ll be doing a live recording on Google Hangouts on Air of the first part of Episode 27 on Friday May 10 at 8:30 PM MDT. Join us and watch!

Episode 25 will not be before a live studio audiance…

With much frustration I have to pass along news that the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference has been canceled. You can read the full announcement here. We were really looking forward to doing the live show, getting to hang out with Darryl Ray and Shelley Segal, and getting to meet some of you. It’s always nice …

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Episode 16 (first part) will be recorded live on Saturday

On Saturday 12/08/12 at approximately 2:00 pm MST we will be recording the first part of Episode 16 live via Google Hangouts on Air. We’ll actually both be recording ourselves locally, but it would be really messed up if we were only talking to ourselves, not each other…. Anyway, check back here on Saturday, December …

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The test seems to have worked

As a test to make posting the podcast just a little easier and removing redundancy, I embedded both the MP3 and Ogg files into the same post and had it categorized for both the podcast and oggcast feed. Looking at the XML, Google Reader, and my podcatcher, each feed has only the appropriate file, even though it comes …

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About today’s downtime

There were two separate issues. For about an hour this morning, there was an internal network issue at the data center at the hosting company that resulted in a loss of connection from the virtual private server (VPS) and the MySQL server. Without access to the database WordPress doesn’t work. That was from roughly 8:30 …

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Coming soon

Atheist Nomads episode 1 is currently in editing. If all goes according to plan it will be released here on Thursday and in the iTunes Store and Zune Marketplace no later than Saturday. I’ll also try to have a Facebook page set up and the website finished this coming weekend.